The Via Crucis of Jane - Crux 2

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The Via Crucis of Jane - Crux 2

Run Time: 51 minutes
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The villain ties Jane to the post and whips her front and back until she faints, then he lowers her, ties her to the patibulum and hoists her back up to face the post. Making the scene much more challenging and painful for Jane, the villain then ties her feet to the post and forces a stick behind her knees, between Jane and the post. The villain rips off Jane's last covering of modesty and proceeds to whip her more. Turning Jane around the villain crucifies her and whips her even more as she struggles against the ropes tying her to the cross. He then ties her feet to the bottom of the cross and shoves the stick behind her knees, between her and the cross, making poor Jane use her last bit of strength to remain on the cross until she dies.

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Actor(s): Jane von Detlefson (The Victim)

Studio(s): RF Pictures
US$ 15.90