The Via Crucis of Camille - Crux 3

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The Via Crucis of Camille - Crux 3

Run Time: 36 minutes
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The Via Crucis of Camille continues with Crux 3- The Slave.
Camille emotes an innocent slave being whipped and crucified for an unknown transgression. She resists the pain, grimacing, trying not let out a sound, to thwart the ones who want to make her scream. Her sounds of pain, her whimpering and cries do not move her torturer who continues to whip her mercilessly, until he tires of this and crucifies her with nails through her hands and feet.
An intimate study of torture and crucifixion by Camille and JJ. Another of their private videos, now available to the public for a limited time!

*This unmarked DVD will ship in a plain white envelope inside of a plain mailer. NTSC or PAL depending on your region. We ship within 2-3 business upon receiving your order. :)

Actor(s): Camille Duka (The Slave)

Studio(s): RF Pictures
US$ 15.90