The Perils of Jane in the Green Inferno - Episode 2

 in Category:  "Contemporary"
The Perils of Jane in the Green Inferno - Episode 2

Run Time: 56 minutes
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The Perils of Jane in the Green Inferno, Episode Two, continues…Jane has been left to hang from a tree all night. Welts adorn her skin, the rain beats down, but she feels nothing. The tortures of the day before, the rain and the cold have rendered her unconcscious. Her Torturer takes down her limp body and leaves her lying in the mud. Jane makes a futile attempt to escape her captor and he doesn’t take it lightly. The day’s tortures begin, more brutal than yesterday…will she survive another day? (no blood)

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Actor(s): Jane von Detlefson (Herself)

Studio(s): RF Pictures
US$ 15.90