The Perils of Jane in the Green Inferno - Episode 1

 in Category:  "Contemporary"
The Perils of Jane in the Green Inferno - Episode 1

Run Time: 72 minutes
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In Episode One, Jane, a hiker exploring the jungle, finds an abandoned house and decides to indulge in naughty pleasures. She is surprised by a man in dark glasses who ties her up and tortures her mercilessly. He ties her to a post and whips her, makes her kneel on sharp rocks, whipping her more. Jane’s humiliation and despair increase when the man ties her to a tree, whipping her shirt from her body. He leaves her hanging, arms spread, slumped against the bark, wet with rain to spend the night surrounded by the sounds of the jungle. (no blood)

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Actor(s): Jane von Detlefson (Herself)

Studio(s): RF Pictures
US$ 15.90