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Year: 2010
Run Time: 111 minutes
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The South American 50 Shades of Grey.

An encounter between an older Bolivian man and a young French woman leads to an unusual relationship.

This DVD contains:
-Movie with optional English, German, and Spanish subtitles (original languages English/Spanish) 16:9 widescreen
-Optional audio commentary with director Amy Hesketh & producer/actor Jac Avila in English

*NTSC or PAL depending on your region. We ship within 2-3 business days upon receiving your order. :)
Year: 2010

Actor(s): Erik Antoine (Geoff ), Jac Avila (Luis Montéz ), Veronica Paintoux (Anouk ), Beto Lopez L. (The Friend )

Genre(s): Erotic, Drama
Studio(s): Pachamama Films, Decadent Cinema
Artist(s): Amy Hesketh
US$ 29.99
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