Crux Bride - Volume 2

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Crux Bride - Volume 2

Run Time: 60 minutes
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Digitally remastered!!! The second day begins as the Bride is waking from her night spent on the cold floor of the dark room. Yesterdays’s beatings still mark her exquisite skin, as her lover leads her bound in chains and scourged by the whip, to the cross. She is tied to the X cross and beaten mercilessly, only to be stripped of the remaining rags of her wedding dress. Her lover has already pushed her past her limits. Can she take any more? (no blood)

*This DVD will ship in a plain envelope, with no markings on the DVD. NTSC or PAL depending on your region. We ship within 2-3 business upon receiving your order. :)

Actor(s): Gabrielle D'Cleda (The Bride)

Studio(s): RF Pictures
US$ 15.90