in Category:  "Medieval"

Run Time: 90 minutes
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A bored Princess decides to take a walk in the jungle down to the river. On the way, she meets a disrespectful Serf. After she kicks him and spits in his face, he decides to teach her a lesson and follows her down to the river.
After capturing the poor Princess and stealing her clothes and jewels, the Serf ties her to a rock and beats her. What follows is an increasingly arduous journey for the Princess as she is suspended and beaten, her petticoat ripped, left hanging overnight in an old stone hut in the Strappado, tied to a patibulum with her own stockings, made to walk with her patibulum across rough terrain, scourged, nailed to her patibulum and forced to walk to her cross where she is crowned with thorns and her feet nailed to the cross. In her last moments, she looks longingly up at the castle she left behind.

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Actor(s): Jane von Detlefson (The Princess)

Studio(s): RF Pictures
US$ 24.90