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The Via Crucis of Mila

In this, her debut performance, Mila suffers the indignities of the whip and the cross at the hands of a cruel tormentor in the rough plains of the desert.

Mila is herded barefoot over the rough ground to the fateful tree where she is tied, her arms apart and whipped. The man turns her around and whips her again with her arms spread. Next he ties her feet up beneath her and leaves her to suffer.

*This DVD will ship in a plain white envelope, with no markings on the DVD, inside of a brown mailer from Bolivia. NTSC or PAL depending on your region. We ship within 2-3 business upon receiving your order. :)

US$ 15.90

Maleficarum (English subtitles) Mac OS

This Mac OS-only download includes:

The movie with English subtitles. (Original language in Spanish)

A "Behind the Scenes " reel with English subtitles.

Maleficarum is the story of Francisca, a wealthy orphan and Mariana, her widowed protestant friend, who live surrounded by a town in which they are the center of hostile gossip.

Francisco Verdugo, the Inquisitor, has his own ambitions. He has his greedy eyes on the orphan heiress's properties, but he needs a pretext.

A confrontation in the street among a group of girls gives him the perfect excuse to arrest Mariana and Francisca and chain them in the torture chambers of the Inquisition, leading them to a frightful end as they are convicted of witchcraft.

US$ 34.90
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