7 Days on the Cross - Episode 3

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7 Days on the Cross - Episode 3

Run Time: 56 minutes
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The third episode of Seven Days on the Cross, opens on Varinia who, after a night of walking under the weight of the timber and the rhythm of the whip, is made to lay down, face down, on a plank of nails. Again she feels the blows of the whip on her back. But that’s not the end. She’s made to turn around, to face the sky, her back on top of the piercing nails… again the feels the crush of the merciless lash on her bleeding chest and legs. She’s spends the night on her bed of pain. When the sun returns, a few drops of water are her only nourishment, a show of mercy before the long nails are shown to her. The sixth day starts with the blows of the hammer as the metal spikes are driven into her hands.

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Actor(s): Gabrielle D'Cleda (Varinia)

Studio(s): RF Pictures
US$ 15.90