(2) Further Ordeals of Red Feline and Melissa

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(2) Further Ordeals of Red Feline and Melissa

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Will they confess? The Inquisitors are always severe. They mean to extract a confession which will justify their work. It was not acceptable to have the accused die without a proper and signed confession. To achieve this goal, they take their time. Melissa suffers the indignities of the Spanish Horse. Red Feline, after a very exacting whipping that fails to bring an admission of sin, is is placed on the rack, a slow- burning fire under her, roasting her back as she’s whipped and stretched; a persuasive method of having someone spill her guts. Perhaps literally. Will Red Feline resist?

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Actor(s): Camille Duka (Red Feline), Gabrielle D'Cleda (Melissa the Nun)
US$ 15.90